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Home Workout Hacks

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31 thoughts on “Home Workout Hacks

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  2. COMEDY X says:

    I am glad I doing all that thing right.

  3. Its very helpful for me thank you 😊

  4. bermanfaat🎉🎉

  5. Wow handsome and muscular too 😲🥰👍👍👍

  6. SupaSoaker says:

    HAHHA this man hilarious how he look at the camera


  8. Shantam Das says:

    Can I build body with these workouts only ?

  9. Javier Pozos says:

    Hahaha Baithaks wrong??

  10. Love from India ❤️

  11. Too good to professional buddy

  12. Bro I use to do planks straight

    U saying I gotta do it at a slight angle 💀

  13. How many sets of these exercises

  14. Who was also doing them wrong before this video😂😂

  15. Alex says:

    Push ups are so important he had to show them twice

  16. Thanks Brother ❤️✨

  17. Rup says:

    Very helpful

  18. Prof. ezzor says:

    I'm always hip too high when planking, it just hurts when its low

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