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Easy Vegan Weeknight Dinners

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45 thoughts on “Easy Vegan Weeknight Dinners

  1. Helen Jane says:

    Who's playing on this track? Love this music.

  2. E Brooke says:

    Chic pea tacos is just disrespectful

  3. Yummy77 says:

    Music is awful!!!!

  4. waters129 says:

    That pasta tasted like the most disgusting thing I have ever eaten. AND the next day, I kept farting 'onion'. If this is what vegan food feels/tastes like then FORGET IT 🥵

  5. I love that these recipes are so straight forward, like other vids have like 8 minute introductions😂😂😂

  6. Bene sp says:

    Thank you so much ❤️

  7. oddlegs83 says:

    Nearly all of these meals are not quick in anyway! Maybe if I could buy the ingredients in bowls,prewashed, cut and measured out that would be quick yes. Oh and someone cooking rice for me in the background too .
    Don't get me wrong it all looked great but not quick.

  8. These all look really good!

  9. Sasha Cruz says:

    great video, horrible music

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  11. George Zsebe says:

    As usual, let me first say that it's pretty damn douchey to require people to download an app to be able to review recipes on the Tasty site.

    The dish I tried and will be reviewing here is the Creamy One-Pot Pasta.

    I don’t use nutritional yeast so I used ground dried mushrooms instead, a substitution that was very successful in a fried tofu sandwich recipe I made recently.

    Normally I wouldn’t review this given the substitution.

    The dried mushrooms have a funky flavor that likely isn’t present with nutritional yeast, which I’ve never tried.

    Adding it brought this to a whole new level of inedibility, but before I even added it to the dish, I tasted it and found it to be very bland, like zero flavor, completely neutral.

    Creamy, sure, but nothing else there, the most flavorful part being the spinach.

    As such, I know that even adding a pleasant-tasting ingredient like parmigiano reggiano would not have saved it, and would have just been a waste.

    Even so, thank you for sharing! ^_^

  12. Who uses soy sauce in tacos?!

    But #3 actually looks pretty good. Probably use spinach and put it in at the end in place of Kale. But i may try that one this week.

  13. Tip for the tomato pasta – try using sun dried instead of grape toms – adds more flavour x

  14. Did microwaving the pressed down tofu get the water out faster or something??

  15. Kerna Koni says:

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  16. Do you have any idea for Substitute for vegan broth?

  17. Ana Santos says:

    The chickpea tacos SLAPPED 😍

  18. Are there recipes somewhere for the pad thai or do I need to buy the book?

  19. Smallnuts says:

    After watching a animal slaughter house videos. I want to go vegan. Man, it's not right. I know there food but, I believe the average person eats like 400 cows a year.

  20. sumerbc says:

    Non dairy milk?? how can milk be non dairy? The white liquid that comes out the tit of a cow is dairy…

  21. brenda time says:

    Love these videos but god awful music lmao

  22. Lakishia says:

    i'm going to have to make the tofu and broccoli dish!

  23. MrWesford says:

    Just made the creamy one pot pasta for dinner tonight. It’s delicious! I used canned coconut milk as my non-dairy milk.

  24. Ash R says:

    lol…. wtf is non dairy milk?

  25. I'm not vegan, but I'm trying to put vegan recipes in my meals and I'm so excited! 😊

  26. Please stop cooking pasta in that way 😩

  27. The first meal they did was good but the amount of nutritional yeast they put in is waaaay too much. Nutritional yeast doesn't taste very good and at the amount they put in. YOU WILL TASTE IT.

  28. Ovgum Sezer says:

    Sorry but this is not “easy”

  29. supernova622 says:

    I came in skeptical but tbh I'm pretty impressed.

  30. Tasty never disappoints!!!! I absolutely love this channel 💙💙
    And the background music 🎶 is always on point. 😊

  31. Heyitsliv says:

    Has anyone ever try these recipes if you have can you tell me if it’s good

  32. Heyitsliv says:

    I’m only 8 but I want to go vegan

  33. Mrs Esther says:

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  34. Jeff Carter says:

    Thank you for these recipes! Looking delicious!

  35. Oh I've cooked them all now these dishes, built up my vege repertoire … So yummy ThankU to the team who create this good food … 💯💯💯🥰

  36. I made the first recipe with angel hair and even my two year old liked it. Thank you!!

  37. Made the creamy one pot pasta and I am absolutely OBSESSED

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