Do This Workout Every Evening – 10 Minute Full Body To Get In Shape

If you only have time to work out in the evening but you want to lose weight and burn fat, no need to worry–this workout is perfect …

40 thoughts on “Do This Workout Every Evening – 10 Minute Full Body To Get In Shape

  1. samyuktha says:

    Can I do this exercise in morning?

  2. How many days it take to see results with intermittent fasting

  3. How many days it take to see results with intermittent fasting

  4. 10th day down! I feel lighter already. The hardest Exercise for me is the push ups but it’s getting slightly easier each time. WE CAN DO IT

  5. does somebody knows how much calories that burns?

  6. Stormy says:

    It hurts 😞 like the Superman. I’m not sure how high my legs are supposed to go but they lift 2 inches above the ground. And for the leg drops I can’t keep my back flat and when my legs go up it feels as though im pulling with my back which I know is wrong. Also for push ups I can’t do them. Not even the modified version

  7. Hi, I was actually thinking to do this exercise and the other exercise of yours "8 exercises to build muscles", so is it good if I do both

  8. The videos lasting for 10-15 mins are the best , does miracles!!

    For doing longer videos , one has to be cautious about injures , if people already have issues .

    Thank you soo much 🥰 Robert for the wonderful job

  9. Wanbha Masha says:

    Can I do this exercise anytime or only morning?????

  10. I feel so good after doing this ❤🎉

  11. Can I do this exercise in the morning??

  12. bubblezUp says:

    Good workout while traveling 💪🏾 modified the floor work since I don't do hotel floors 😆 but got it in 💜

  13. Bannar Bruss says:

    It is also for boys

  14. 6:20 this is hard fore but why

  15. Zecca says:

    I doing this again tomorrow and we going walking on the bridge tomorrow so I will lose weight

  16. This workout is for men or women

  17. bella ! 焙 says:

    i’m 135lbs (about 61kg) my goal is about 113-115 (~52kg)

    day 1 : ✅ | 135.4 (I didn’t weigh myself without my clothes so I may be a little less) | burnt almost 40 calories total
    day 2 : ✅ | 134.4 | burnt 43 calories total
    day 3 : ❌ | 134.2 | didn’t do ☹︎
    day 4 : ✅ | weighed myself with clothes on so i was 136.9 💔 | burnt 53 calories total

  18. What I really appreciate about this workout is that nobody's yelling at me to work faster and harder. It's just the rhythmic counting from 1-12 as we do each exercise and that's so nice. This is why I workout with this channel ❤🤌

  19. 2nd and 9th same exercise

  20. Joy Carter says:

    I do partial squats to my chair… at 73 I think that's good

  21. How many calories does this workout burn?

  22. Vani K Bhat says:

    It feels so good mentally and physically.M becoming active in work .thank u gym .

  23. Is it this channel only for womans?

  24. For how many months we have to do this for weight loss

  25. mikaaluv says:

    What should i do after taking an exercise? I always use my phone and lay down on the bed

  26. I loved this workout!!! Made me feel confident and it helped me so much!

  27. Nisha Paudel says:

    This was so great…2 days completed ….will come tomorrow to write three days completed haha

  28. Me: Laughing at my own exercise🤣🤣

  29. Spiiverse says:

    Hi Roberta, im 11-14 that is overweight (dont want to say exact age). Is it normal to be overweight in your teens. I have been trying to workout more often. I swim in the pool for 1 1/2 hrs 4 days a week but i feel the same. That is the reason i started this. Can you give me some tips on what to eat, how much i should eat, how many hours a day a kid like me should exersize, etc.

  30. Does this exercises works?…i don't wanna lose much wait just desiring to get in shape🥲

  31. Can I do think before lunch

  32. Can I do think before lunch

  33. Pags101 says:

    The feeling when it says “workout completed” feels sooo good thank you so much Roberts’s gym

  34. raggy myson says:

    I just started this workout a day ago so i was just wondering how long it took people to lose about 10 pounds? I'm just wondering so I can know when ill start to see results? So far so easy this is definitely for beginners and i will come back every week to comment how much I've lost. Start 193.2 pounds and i will comment again in a week so next Sunday!❤❤ Good Luck Everyone!

  35. Mainda HF says:

    Nice one! Do you recommend do this for 2 consecutive rounds?

  36. Swethaa TP says:

    Can thin people do this workout?

  37. Karen says:

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣A stupid AI with FA expression or muscle tone. No thx!

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