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Building Muscle After 50 – The Definitive Guide

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33 thoughts on “Building Muscle After 50 – The Definitive Guide

  1. Fiddy Sat says:

    Suggestion stick to the title subject in at least 80% of your content… not 80% of selling this that or the other

  2. Appreciate the tips thanks mate

  3. Jim Kendrick says:

    So as a 52 yo moderately active guy (72”; 160lbs), I should be eating around 2300 calories? Is that a total no matter what I do during the day? If I’m working out, should I add to that total or keep it the same as rest days?

  4. You didn’t get up on that stage looking like that without the “help” that all pros need. Test-tren-D ball- masterone- winstrol….these are the five things you need to have an incredible body late into life

  5. Mark Hudson says:

    Is it ok for former cancer patients who have been in remission for a couple of years to get into resistance training and weight lifting?

  6. TopGun says:

    Guys; know that you are doing great! Everything is falling into place for you very soon! This is the best time to head in that direction which you were always meant to go. Everything up til now happened for a great Devine reason! You are EXACTLY right where you are supposed to be at this moment in your life, and are headed towards the best phase of your life!!! With that said, you are now about to reap the benefits of your tremendous wisdom gained from all these experiences. Start that workout regimen! Get the wheels moving to start that business that you’ve always had in the back of your head. Today begins the first day of the best of your life! You’re gonna do this! 💪😎👍STAY STRONG !!!

  7. Vegan older men have testosteron through the roof.

  8. Isn't his advice valid for any age? There is no difference of you are over or under 50.

  9. Hello Dr. Anthony, I'm building a plan for my dad he is 55 and has never went to the gym but he is quite an active person,. The program which I have build doesn't involve compound movement too much as he has a old knee joint injury it doesn't hurt however a sound comes when he bends his knee so that's the reason I have rolled out the squats and deadlifts from his program atleast for now. But included isolation exercises.

    What is your say on it?

  10. Thanks for that helpfull tips

  11. brian stacey says:

    Just found your channel. Great info!! But…..SPELL CHECK. Vatimin? Recoevery?

  12. tahiti1 says:

    Metabolism doesnt slow with age if you are training properly and non-sedentary.

  13. If your diabetic wouldnt carbs be a negative in your diet ?

  14. Lee Davison says:

    In this demonstration will you take your shirt off ok.other than that great video.

  15. Chris W says:

    Just came across your page
    Good info

  16. I'm wheelchair bound. Want to get bigger in upper body like chest arms shoulders. I'm 49

  17. B P says:

    Good stuff. Full body 3 times a week with a extra day or 2 of hypertrophy work is my fav. I'm 50 and still lifting heavy going for PR's in DL, Bench and squat. If done right with days that you do lighter sets and then work in some heavy, older guys can still do it. I'm the strongest I've ever been at 50 and still gaining!

  18. To much talk show us the traing

  19. I am over 50 and I am a beginner to weights and I am only using the straight bar right now..I guess for my proper form and that's probably all I can lift right now lol…

  20. Killa Milla says:

    Please critique the following plan. Monday: upper body compound, Tuesday: Cardio conditioning and abs, Wednesday: active rest, Thursday: Lower body compound, Friday: Cardio conditioning and abs, Saturday: Recreational sport of choice, Sunday: Active rest

  21. The guy is wearing a PINK Shirt…. come on. Dont do this to me.

  22. Joe Fec says:

    This is a great video. Nutrition is the play here. I hope you're still actively doing this. I have questions!

  23. mbaxter22 says:

    I agree with everything but the 4 meals a day thing. Eating that many meals is just asking for trouble with post-50 metabolisms. IFOMAD is even more advantageous as you get older. Young people can eat all day and do just fine, but I sure as hell can't.

  24. MikeandCris says:

    63. Compound lift workouts 2-3 days per week, cardio 2-3 times per week (rowing, swiming, fast walking); lots of fish oil, C and D, and got my testosterone checked. It was 315, which is low normal. Now it's closer to 800 which is making my wife happy. Mantra is "do something every damn day."

  25. That’s not how you spell recovery.

  26. How about after 75???

  27. Scott Salyer says:

    Great video, but 147.00 to join is just too much for me!

  28. mx says:

    thx! im gonna be 50 next month! whoaaa!!! 😅

  29. Dave Maye says:

    Where is the link

  30. I am 35, but I'd like to know where I would be in 15 years from now.

  31. Fes says:

    Great video, I'm turning 59 in a few days, I just started going to the gym almost two months ago, quit drinking sodas and alcohol "beer" a little over 3 months, I lost 25 pounds, been eating nutrition, now I work out every day and feel great, I do legs one day, next day I do chest and shoulders, next day back, biceps and triceps and I do abs every other day, also I do 20 minutes of cardio everyday before workout… Is that good?
    Thank you for your time and help… Any comments on this would be greatly appreciated…
    Went from 200 to 175 and I'm 5'7…
    Wow. Just realized this was 4 years ago, I guess I'm late to the party…

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