BEST Exercises for Runners (Strength Training | Plyometrics | Power Exercises)

Strength training for runners can result in greater efficiency and faster running times. The exercises shown are specifically chosen …

35 thoughts on “BEST Exercises for Runners (Strength Training | Plyometrics | Power Exercises)

  1. E3 Rehab says:

    Don't forget to check out the blog with references:

  2. Excellent content!.. Thank you so much

  3. @E3 Rehab, can we do these the same day we run? I already got two full body weightlifting sessions and running on other days. So these are a lot to add to my plan, especially not for my leg days they're so full. Can we run and do these the same day? and, running first or these? Plz help.

  4. You can get cadence and stride rate on any smart watch. So this video said you increase stride rate first then cadence second? That doesnt make sense because you increase both gradually as you run faster. This is more geared towards 100M to 400M runners, and can help in the end of the race for middle distance runners, it seems not toward distance runners. Long distance runners really do nothing but run. If they want resistance they go up hill. Its really confusing when no one straight out says do not lift heavy weights are a long distance runner, but they indirectly say it (and infer it) in books all over the place. The title of the video should be "Some Exercises that might be good towards some types of runners." Which is not a good title name for the algorithm but is more accurate. Sorry to be a critic, these are good exercises, but who you are aiming them towards is inaccurate.

  5. The most impressive and interesting thing is that this is all for free! Wow. Thank you sir 🙂

  6. SD says:

    7:46 is considered slow???

    Ok then….*clicks away*

  7. water says:

    This video is good for your logical reasoning even you don't run

  8. Rahul Bhagat says:

    One of the best video about strength training that I have ever watched !! Thank you so much !!

  9. Clifton says:

    Are you a heel striker?

  10. Very informative Video for runners sir!! Thank you so much!!! 👍👍👍

  11. 💪💪💪💪💪💪

  12. LiamNunn says:

    Good info, but why you run like that ? Looks like a lot of heel striking

  13. Seva Dawai says:

    Thx for the video sir..i felt that in every part of my muscle. I'm 100% positive that this will improve my running n crush my PB👍👍⚔

  14. 👍👍👍👍🥰🥰

  15. Ross Fripp says:

    Great, informative video with no BS. Keep up the good work.

  16. gokul jaras says:


  17. Gary Knight says:

    Fascinating and helpful. Thank you

  18. Fantastic explaination and detailed analysis,very helpful and shared with my clients…

  19. jeremylwh says:

    Liked and subscribed! Very nice explanation and video on each steps! Love it and thank you. Here bcoz I want to improve my running and minus the injuries

  20. Im indian good video…

    How many days are do…

  21. H S says:

    Thank you, 👍🏻

  22. Great video was watching another video about running exercises completely different channel but you guys had the same shoe must be a sign

  23. Very nice 👍 thanks sir 😊

  24. Very informative, and good sources which you have stated.

  25. Great explanation! Thank you! 🙂

  26. Alex M says:

    I ran track and field in college and I approve this message 😂
    I used to high jump, 20 years later and I’m into trail run/hikes in the mountains. These are all excellent exercises!!

  27. snakey973 says:

    This is an excellent video for strength building and running- best one I've seen. You really covered all the bases

  28. SIMPLE and Very Beautifully Explained.

  29. David Deeble says:

    This is fantastic, guys. I was going to repeat the program in your ACL rehab workbook – I'm currently healthy (thanks to you guys!) figuring it would serve as a reasonably good proxy for building overall running-specific strength during my offseason. Now I'm thinking I'm going to use these exercises as a template. Thank you!

  30. aprende a correr en la cinta bro

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