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7 Recipes You Can Make In 5 Minutes

Get the recipes: https://tasty.co/compilation/7-recipes-you-can-make-in-5-minutes Reserve the One Top: http://bit.ly/2v0iast Check …

42 thoughts on “7 Recipes You Can Make In 5 Minutes

  1. My Mac N Cheese didn’t work very well

  2. Best dry sticky noodles I've ever had😂

  3. s says:

    this is illegal information

  4. 1:49 explain (really bad at cooking)

  5. I tried the Mac and cheese one and the noodles weren’t even done smh😔

  6. MATREX Life says:

    Yk when someone says 5mins it actually takes 30 mines for prep on 5 mins for cooking 😂 but this

  7. LH ЛХ says:

    You can’t cook macaroni in a microwave fakers it takes 15 minutes to boil

  8. NS says:

    I want to make the Mac and Cheese but there are too many negative comments about how people's microwaves exploded and stuff that I'm scared to try it.

  9. Vanessa says:

    It's night and I'm 9 years old, my sister told me she is hungry that's why I'm here,

  10. DJcat08 3 says:

    I tried the first one and my microwave just flooded after the first minute… I'll just eat bread for now… ;;-;;)

    Cooking skills level 0.1

  11. I am ok with CEREAL

  12. Wiggler says:

    No narrator….sped up video…silly distracting jazz music. This video is meant for clicks only. Not a good video for beginner people just trying to feed themselves.

  13. Is micro-wave food healthy though?

  14. Ape Gray says:

    cool and now without microwave

  15. I tried mac n cheese it rlly took me 11mins just to microwave the macaroni but it's all worth it

  16. Joe Stein says:

    Yummy Mac-n-Cheese

  17. The jazz music was really nice…

  18. here from purdue owl

  19. The five minute crafts of cooking you tube

  20. Who is here to find something nice so he could tell his mother to make this

  21. eggman 4.0 says:

    Bro made Mac and cheese out of Mac and cheese

  22. Soo says:

    I tried the Mac n cheese and not did it explode in my microwave it also did not cook the pasta i guess i wont be having dinner tonight

  23. AyushDaGamer says:

    Bro cooking this rn I’m not even hungry

  24. ney10 says:

    The Mac n cheese was so goood

  25. Make sure to use the microwaveable Mac in cheese with no cheese from the package and then add all those other ingredients

  26. i also burnt my hand very badly

  27. OBEY says:

    so you’re just not gonna list any of the ingredients 😐

  28. Hephzi says:

    I tried the Mac & cheese although it exploded in my microwave, I warmed it again and I got a good result thanks for this video it save my hunger.❤❤❤

  29. BadApples says:

    2-3 minutes to melt cheese on nachos? Wtf power is that microwave

  30. The Mac n cheese is fake

  31. ArnzzRAT says:

    I tried the Mac n cheese and it was super salty 👀

  32. _Lexie_ says:

    Make this top comment so people will see this. For the mac & cheese one. I did follow most of the recipes but first I put it in the microwave for one minute and then I will put it in for 30 seconds. every 30 seconds I stirred it up till It was ready mine took about 3 1/2 minutes to cook. the water doesn’t matter how much you put in it because you could always drain it out. then after it was finish cooking I put in the milk it doesn’t matter how much milk but I did about 2 tablespoons and I sprinkled cheese in it stirred it up and just put some on top and put in the microwave for 30 seconds and then I put in some more milk because The cheese in the mac & cheese was very blocky, so that was about it. Make this top comment. Hope this helped sorry bad English. you’re welcome.

  33. your just reheating what someone else made reworked

  34. Gello Felix says:

    What's the dough used for the mozzarella sticks?

  35. Joseph Kalin says:

    I didn’t have a microwave so I had to use my boiler instead

  36. Reema Shek says:

    Just an advice if your Mac and cheese is floating just take out all the water and place cold water than it will do and it did not take 2 min it’s took about 8 min in the microwave lol 😂

  37. keita says:

    Guys i I tried the first one it really workde wtf

  38. Power says:

    Microwave them selves to death lyrics of Flava Flav 😂😂😂

  39. Freddyyy says:

    The Mac&Cheese one tho- AMAZING!!!

  40. Jdot says:

    The Mac and cheese is so goood

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