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5 Easy 2-Ingredient Recipes

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50 thoughts on “5 Easy 2-Ingredient Recipes

  1. Elise Li says:

    I can hear Ann Readon comin

  2. Tresa George says:

    How do they make a cake and a soufflé with the same ingredients

  3. A-TRAIN says:

    Can you use chocolate syrup

  4. PacifikaGodz says:

    Cant beat Riceup..Rice and ketchup

  5. And I have none of these

  6. I'm gonna make these! I'm just missing 2 ingredients

  7. petrified says:

    Me finding a two ingredient food:
    The ingredients: shdbdhdbdhbebdhd and a pinch of fhfhfufjdbdhdj

  8. Flamebird919 says:

    could the strawberries in the sherbert be replaced by oranges

  9. Im currently doing the first one with milka chocolate and it snelks soo gooodd 😭😭

  10. i tried the ice cream and my blender exploded

  11. Spiderdach says:

    Tortilla chips and salsa (any) is my personal favorite

  12. An.k - says:

    maida ki roti ko special mante ye long

  13. Mary Miller says:

    Dear person reading this let's listen to one another in this world to beyond a gazillion times and beyond that and beyond that and beyond that and beyond that!😀

  14. Bryson says:

    Nah the chocolate cake is identical to Pizza Hut’s chocolate brownies 😳

  15. How long do I refrigerate the lot carb pasta???

  16. Isabelle says:

    Chocolate + Eggs=
    Tasty's answer: Cake!
    My answer: a pool of chocolatey eggs

    Tell me how the heck am I gonna get a cake?!?!

  17. Melod says:

    Great just need 2 more ingredients! 😊

  18. I made the strawberry sorbet and it was delicious

  19. abbysguide says:

    first thing I see is the thumbnail, the pizza, and I already see more than 2 ingredients

  20. Brownies at the start are AMAZING! no matter what age or cooking skill you have, super simple and cheap to get if you did not have. Would recommend bigger proportions tho

  21. Zek says:

    It’s funny that you think I have these ingredients.

  22. Cvrsed0 says:

    0:43 when you finally reach the toilet back home after a long drive from taco bell

  23. Yum, chocolate omelettes 👍

  24. Thembe like : cheese pasta = low carb 😂

  25. The problem is not the amount of ingredients required, it’s whether you have all ingredients or not. There are other recipes that have many ingredients that everyone actually has….

  26. BoomGOOF says:

    Why do all of the “2-ingredient” foods that I find in these type of videos always have to have ingredients that my Asian parents don’t have

  27. If you microwave chocolate, it holds the radiation and makes you sick.

  28. Editzbyme says:

    WOW tysm I will try all these😊

  29. William Hale says:

    Once I have 100 likes on this comment I will give a recipe to everybody

  30. NEDIA says:

    6 year old me making cereal 🥣: Gorgan ramsee

  31. Blue Sand says:

    i litteraly have no food, not even seasoning :/ anyways great food!

  32. Thebe_stone says:

    my friend did number 2 and ended with a weird eggy cheesy goo

  33. This all is copied from 5 mins craft…..

  34. LeafBlossom says:

    Life hacks for my family so we can do this food

  35. Just wanna say I tried the souffle and it was really good! It took me longer than the video to make but it was worth it

  36. this just look so delicious! my mouth is drooling

  37. look delicious, thanks for sharing

  38. watching the cooking video is healing

  39. Taylor Karen says:

    you are freaking creative you know

  40. it is very difficult to find beautiful looking cakes and i stopped here to watch the whole video

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