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30 MIN FULL BODY HIIT (No Jumping + No Equipment)

Do this 30 minute FULL BODY WORKOUT #WithMe ! This workout is APARTMENT FRIENDLY as it has NO JUMPING and …

37 thoughts on “30 MIN FULL BODY HIIT (No Jumping + No Equipment)

  1. MadFit says:

    It was about TIME for another 30 minute workout… am I right? 👏 Hope you guys enjoyed this one! No equipment, no jumping, no excuses! Let's get to it!! 🔥

  2. gigi ann says:

    I died but I did it! 😂🎉🎉

  3. Carah says:

    i have no idea where to put my phone during this 😅

  4. kenneh says:

    I started yesterday and it was hadd for me to get through it, collapsed during the first set.
    Today I felt stronger and could do sets 1 and 2 without pausing. I am excited to see how I keep doing.

    Thank you!

  5. some good exercises, but very pretentious wrist. Excercise withou concept

  6. Ra Ora says:

    How to gain gain weight ?

  7. Evo Kan says:


  8. I’m doing this workout everyday I’ll keep y’all updated in the comments!

    Day1: I went through the whole thing! My legs and arms hurt during the workout but I feel so good after! Tip: make sure to have your hair up and have water on standby during breaks.

  9. G Thomas says:

    Your works out are my physical therapy after illness. Thank you!

  10. Fantastic. I did it in a remote French little hostel. And it is just so convenient and Coooooool!

  11. I had so much fun thx

  12. Is it okay if I do the first two circuits, then take a break and then do the second half of this workout?

    Will it have the same effect?

  13. cl3oCy says:

    Great workout! I am one month away from the gym!! In the first round of this workout I had to take breaks. I didn't take any breaks on the second round!! Thanks, you rock!

  14. Hi! I subbed! I'm 11 and I'm going to try to do this every day! I'm not overweight. I'm just doing this so it gives me something to do all day 😅
    OMG first day, I bought died 😂

  15. Killian says:

    That was awesome absolutely loved it thank you!!!

  16. Just did this today for the first time and I’m sweating so much, that was great! I love that she really focuses on posture and explains the movements in depth like when she said “point your hip muscles towards the ceiling,” I also love the variety of basic workouts I’ve been doing for ages but it makes them all so much better!!! I really feel my core being activated and my entire body getting a kick out of the movements. No pain after too which is so important!

  17. More videos like this please <3

  18. lily casey says:

    I’m doing this every other day!

  19. mikayla says:

    my legs are shaking

  20. Rayat Tahmin says:

    Day 1 & 2 done (I'm SO Sweaty and Breathless !!!)
    Day 3 done
    Day 4 done
    Day 5 done ! (The terrible muscle cramps I've been experiencing due to workingout are finally lessening, Alhamdulillah !)
    Day 6 done ! (Though there are some exercises I can't do properly yet ,I'm proud of myself for continueing for almost a week !)
    Day 7 (skipped it cz I found a book so captivating that I didn't wanna stop reading and start workingout )
    Day 8 done
    Day 9 done
    Day 10 (Skipped it cz I had a test)
    Day 11 done!
    Skipped day 12,13,14,15,16 due to illness,exams but now I'm back ! and will continue hopefully IngshAllah !
    Day 17 done !

  21. Deepa Patel says:

    I am sure you said double toe crap touch….lol. Awesome workout thanks!

  22. Siti Muntaha says:

    thank you,enjoy my workout with this chanel very helping me

  23. This was the best work out I have ever done 😊😂❤

  24. hiii im going to do this after school, ill update to let u know how i found it !!! gonna try do it every week :))
    edit : okay i did ittt :))) im so happy about it !! i need to do my study session now but omg thanks for this workout, im going to do this every friday !! see you next friday !!

  25. Is this fine to do for a total beginner??

  26. Millie Lee says:

    Does this actually work ??

  27. Alien. says:

    Hi!! I am 180-195 pounds and working my way down to get to at least 150 or 130. This is day one for me!

    I'm doing these every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

    I'm gonna stop overeating and lower my food portions. I'll try to eat fruit with every meal and only drink water.

    Day one update: this was really hard but got through to the whole video!! I stopped at every workout at 3 seconds.
    Day two update: got only through 15 min but I took a jog with my dog earlier for about 20 min.

  28. Nelson Rios says:

    Thanks!! It is super useful

  29. Michele Buy says:

    Any idea how many caleries roughly you burn doing this workout?? Im a 10st female.

  30. A shame it's repetive. I prefer variety so i discover more of what i like doing more of…

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