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17 Microwaveable Late-Night Snacks

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41 thoughts on “17 Microwaveable Late-Night Snacks

  1. Gay Fanta says:

    If this is your idea of a late night snack I'm just gonna starve till the morning.

  2. I tried the microwave Mac and cheese… my microwave flooded……..

  3. The pasta took forever to cook in the microwave

  4. Me when watching tasty

    I almost refuse to believe a microwave can make things look this good

  5. nieru says:

    I really doubt these chicken strips are cooked all the way through in one minute in a microwave

  6. Most of these look amazing. I'll have to try them all (or most of them at least).

  7. These recipes are lifechanging!!

  8. No one's making this much noise and washing up just for a midnight snack.

  9. The Mac and cheese taste so good

  10. Piper says:

    gurl the mac and cheese didnt even cook corectly i mean like its taste like a uncooked noddle

  11. Watching this at 2:11AM and after 6minutes i realised I don't have a microwave

  12. Here you go tasty Bread+deli meat+cheese+condiment= Sandwhich

  13. Oh, these recipes r too short for a late night treat😌

  14. Tasty be doing all this at midnight but I'm still over here trying to make my cupboards not sqeak 😭

  15. MrFunkySoup says:

    The Mac and cheese tho

  16. skyvory says:

    pov youre watching this and you dont even have a microwave

  17. Nxraah says:

    I like to have toast or just plain bread with some peanut butter and then sprinkle some brown sugar on it as a late night snack. It is very yummy.

  18. The yes at the end😂

  19. the mac and cheese just doesn’t work, its like the only one i had ingredients for and it was so ass. the macaroni didn’t boil, there wasn’t enough cheese, and the measurements were dogshit.

  20. look at all those complicated snacks and ingredients i am just going to get chips

  21. Gin says:

    DO NOT put the spoon in the microwave

  22. Kay kay says:

    Is it just me or all of these recipes are hella hard never work ruin dishes and wake up parents

  23. I only have a microwave and a bowl which has a crack in it

  24. junior shyne says:

    you guys are the best thinks alot i wanted a cheese cake think😀

  25. I lack half of those ingredients and now I’m hungry 🥲

  26. 1:34 I've made that for my mom and I microwaved it for too long and it became "textured" ?? And I gave it to her and she was very hesitant and she took the littlest bite and I said "what do you think it is?" She said "oAtMeAl???" I couldn't hold it in!! I started laughing SO HARD!!!!!

  27. bleakk says:

    One fatal error MICROWAVE

  28. My Mello💕 says:

    Does it look like I have access to chicken tortillas, bell peppers, and other vegetables?

  29. DaveEditz™ says:

    5:32 “microwavable”

  30. Warm at cold water

  31. If I had oreos I wouldnt be here ;_;

  32. bro I literally ain’t got any of these ingredients in my fridge

  33. 0:50 you sure that's not cu-

  34. Art Comet says:

    When I say midnight snack I mean 30 seconds before my mom come downstairs with a belt

  35. 1:31 easy cheesecake 😲

  36. MarcoJedi says:

    Man the cheesecake sucked it exploded

  37. Toast-Tee! says:

    Tasty needs to know u can’t use the microwave for a late night snack

  38. I graduated hs from taking cooking classes for 4 years & I’m certified for some reason…

    but tbh I’d still choose these over the complicated things, RAMEN IS #1

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