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15 minute Vegan Meals EVERYONE should know

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48 thoughts on “15 minute Vegan Meals EVERYONE should know

  1. Sauce Stache says:

    You're going to love these vegan dinners, but you are also going to love Shaker and Spoon!!! check them out!!

  2. InGreed666 says:

    Huh, Tzaziki usually contains a lot of garlic

  3. HB HB says:

    You must be super healthy. You eat so many anti inflammatory foods, and a lot of healthy fiber. I try to eat healthy, but sometimes I am just too tired for the chopping and all the prep work.

  4. Any tips on how to find the recipes on the website? I don't a listening of recipes and there are a lot of blog pages to search.

  5. Thanks fron México, I Will follow you.

  6. A J says:

    I made the Mediterranean bowl & it was delicious. Thank you for the great recipes. Going to try more! ❤

  7. Love these recipes, thank you

  8. Great video, Sauce Stache! We featured your video on my website this week in our "Concessions" area. Link is in my bio!

  9. Brittany G. says:

    Is everything in the alcohol box vegan?

  10. joy johnson says:

    Its a big thanks to #DrObahistoricalherbs medication on YouTube who got me me cured completely from herpes virus…..,

  11. joy johnson says:

    Its a big thanks to #DrObahistoricalherbs medication on YouTube who got me me cured completely from herpes virus……

  12. These meals look delish indeed! Thank you

  13. All thanks to you #Drosaba on YouTube for curing my HSV1/2

  14. David Val says:

    Come on that's.more than 15 minutes

  15. Brain 68 says:

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  16. We love your videos! Thank you!

  17. JE J says:

    Hey Sauce Stache! I just tried your sour cream recipe but tweaked it a bit… Firm tofu, nutritional yeast, more lime juice, 4 cloves of garlic and a package of French Onion Soup Mix (plus hot sauce!). AMAZING VEGAN DIP! Thank you for all the hard work!

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  20. Tami Auger says:

    This is my style of cooking 💕💕💕

  21. My favorite part was seeing your well-worn pan.Yeah. My cookware looks nothing like most cooking videos. Thanks for keeping it real.

  22. Terrific videos! When you squeezed out the cucumber juice for the tzatziki, I thought, "Aww, that's going to waste…" But you had a great use for it and I am so thankful for that. Love your videos, btw! Keep the great work going! 👍👏

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  24. franky7103 says:

    Okay, now I want this kind of video to become a series or just make other videos like that, I really like this kind of videos!

  25. Leanna says:

    Can you make the tacos without the cashews? Hate when vegans throw pine nuts and cashews into everything assuming us broke bitches can afford it lol.

  26. PaddyRants says:

    Bartending tip… you gotta shake it like you want to hurt it dude.

  27. feta cheese is not a vegan food

  28. Bob smuggler says:

    bro how are you fat and vegan?

  29. lacic acid one of the best vegan ingredients.. total game changer

  30. Giving thanks to Dr Ekan Healer is something I will always take personal because he brought me back to my full health …

  31. Great recipes, I can’t wait to try these, thank you! Best wishes from England : )

  32. I can't do the violife feta and I'm so sad about it. It tastes like goat cheese to me, which I used to eat all the time and enjoyed it, but it isn't what I want when it comes to a Mediterranean bowl. I can also only have a few crumbles before it becomes overwhelming. It is just so rich!

  33. diba moca says:

    Tzaziki without garlic 🧄😲 is that even legal?!😉

  34. Thanks for these easy peasy recipes. I don't feel like spending time in the kitchen in summer so it's great to have some quick and easy recipes without any complicated ingredients. Thanks!

  35. jimv1983 says:

    The filling for those tacos looks pretty good but pass on that "sour cream".

  36. Im trying to go kosher and this really helps!

  37. trilliamme says:

    I love these type of videos! More please!

  38. I love cumin on Tacos 😌

  39. Ron says:

    You have given me hope to continue this lifestyle…

  40. Thank you!!!! These are amazing recipes!!😄💖💖💖

  41. My Channel says:

    More of these 15 minute recipes, please!

  42. The key to life… quick yummies! 🤪😋

  43. MrsFizzes says:

    I have a challenge for you!! You have conquered beef, you have conquered chicken. You have even conquered sausage! But could you replicate the flavors found in… wild game?

    My guess is that I bet you could, and I would love to see it/try it! I haven’t had venison in a very long time, but I loved it a lot when I did have it. I do still eat meat, but I’m trying to move to more vegetarian options more often (partly to try and conquer some food trauma I have), and venison is kind of something you have to like… actually hunt to get, unless you know someone who will give you some. And I don’t wanna do that, but I still want the flavor! Hopefully that’s a neat idea you’d like to try sometime! I don’t think I’ve ever seen it as a vegan option, and you might also be able to maybe expand the idea to other types of not readily commercially available meat flavors. I mean, personally I think you would win the internet if you were the first person to make vegan bear. Just saying :p

  44. J Savino says:

    you could also uce lentil flour pasta for added protein

  45. J Savino says:

    omg these look great

  46. mymayapapaya says:

    Thank you. Look forward to making some of these for my son and I

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